Arduino Day 2016

Greetings folks, As part of Arduino Day celebration around the world, We Celebrated Arduino day on April 3rd 2016. The event was likely to happen as an Open-Talk event on Open Hardware. But it turned out well. We had a considerable amount of participants for the event. Like always the event started with Introduction to … More Arduino Day 2016

A New Day

I thought today will be like just another day in my life. as always my day started with lots of confusions. I spent few minutes thinking my daily routine. Go to college, come back home, text some friends, watch few videos on you-tube, read some random articles, eat, sleep, Thats it. It’s kindof hurting when … More A New Day


Yup, It’s True ( just for fun I used this line) I quit Facebook Reason : A lot no longer exists! catch me on mail. Also, I quit instant messaging platform such as Telegram. Please Don’t Ping me on those platform. catch me on mail.

Bangalore Days :P

Bangalore Days – Another Learning Experience. Free Software Movement Karnataka ( FSMK ) hosted a 7 Day Summer Camp at Reva University. The camp comprised of three tracks —> Android App Development –> SysOps -> Freedom Hardware . Being a Freedom Hardware enthusiasts, I got an opportunity to attend this Camp.  Wiithout Missing this opps … More Bangalore Days 😛