A day Out with ROOMies

I was extremely happy when Kaushik, my room mate asked me to join a bike ride. I was skeptical since i have  tons of work pending. I declined the offer.  When your room mate is a maestro in convincing, You can't do more right? I was pulled out of bed Saturday morning. We made things… Continue reading A day Out with ROOMies


The Midway Crisis

Hello everyone, Before going on to the latest update. A while ago, I completed my Under-graduation with whopping grades. I have never thought i would clear my examinations with such a good grades. This was possible because of the huge support from some of my friends who have encouraged and pushed me to my extent. This… Continue reading The Midway Crisis

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The Weather Station Project [Update]

We have built a Community Weather Station in hands with FSHM and PSF Pondicherry. All the stuffs were discussed in this instructable. Do check it out. http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Standalone-Weather-Station-Powered-by-Arduino/date Update[5/7/2016]: The project has been featured in Instructable and has won Two contest in Instructable yearly contest. Internet of Things 2016 Sensors Contest. I received cool goodies from… Continue reading The Weather Station Project [Update]