Self Criticism + Book Review

The following post is going to be a rant on how I should have approached my studies. You have been warned!

It is never too late to learn something. In this scenario, it is never too late to relearn a few things. I am an electronics enthusiast. It all started with repairing Personal Computers. Despite had earlier interests, electronic circuits always seemed distant during my childhood days. There is a back story behind my choice for choosing my major, and that’s a different story. Let’s concentrate on Electronics; I had the opportunity to work with open hardware development boards in the earlier days of my college. All of a sudden, all the difficulties have gone away concerning circuits. I was able to control anything I want with IO pins. Alert! Here comes the reason train 🚆 This helped me to understand the theory subjects to some extent yet there were lots of unanswered questions. Like most of us, I  assumed certain things and moved on. First, It was easy to believe, for example, It is easy to imagine and learn that there exists a capacitance in a transistor but what on earth caused it. There are theoretical explanations, but I was unable to comprehend it.

We started with Semiconductors basics and scaled step by step, Diodes -> Transistors -> Amplifiers and so on. All my college life, I assumed that the circuit design for tuned circuits I have been following were obtained by numerous trial and errors. After reading this book*, I realized it had been there in the era of valves. All the things that we rejoice and I have learnt from my four years of engineering are the works of the last century Radio communication inventions which I was not aware. Ultimately, I studied Microwave engineering at the end of my course which now I think should have been part of my sophomore year. I do realize that understanding all the history behind any invention is not feasible and I didn’t expect that in my curriculum or the curriculum might have been framed for an apparent reason or it might not. Without seeking scientific reasons, I assumed things and moved on. As I mentioned earlier, It’s not too late.

*Check my review about the book: Entertaining Electroincs

Thanks to @demonshreder for lending this amazing book. 

Cover Image Credits: By Kae – Own work, Public Domain.

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