Will this work? 2019


I made only five blog posts I really don’t know why, That too all the posts were written only in the last 3 months. I had to toil a lot in the beginning of the year. All the efforts went in vain and my plans for the remaining days of the year were totally fucked up.  Yet I had to roll-up my sleeves and do what I had to do. May be that’s why I have written a few posts in the later part of the year.

I went to Kodachadri, one of the peaks in Western ghat. I was planning for a Himalayan adventure. I couldn’t do it for many reasons. First and foremost was my laziness. I went for a short trip to Goa. That was fun.

I didn’t have any New Year resolutions last year(2018.) I thought they were too cliche and most of us fail to follow it up. I had only one plan and I worked only for that ignoring everything else. I didn’t even have a contingency plan. It was a total fuck-up.

I do understand that the New Year and resolutions are not my thing. I hardly remember what I said yesterday. Anyhow, to keep things on track. I am gonna challenge myself to complete/achieve a few things.

  • Focus only on learning(Leave other possible outcomes even immaterial outcomes)
  • Read a lot(50 Books by the End of the year. i.e I should read ~1 book per week)
  • Often, Live without privileges.
  • Take care of my physical health(starts with food) | maintain current weight, reduce my tummy 😀

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