Go Goa 2018 : A journey with the three musketeers

Long Long Ago, there lived three friends Mugu, GP, and Sarath. Despite their friendship, their day-job forced them into different cities. Mugu, The Chick Magnet wanted to Visit Goa, The Las Vegas of India. Mugu shared his notion of traveling to Goa and asked Sarath and GP to join. Being born and brought up in Pondicherry, Goa didn’t amuse Sarath and GP much.

Using his magical power(which he uses against his chicks) Mugu, Convinced Sarath and GP for a trip to Goa. Sarath took the heavy lifting of organizing the trip. As the three friends were living in three different cities(Hyderabad, Chennai, and Coimbatore). All of them agreed to start the trip from Chennai. As per their plan, Sarath and GP arrived at Chennai in the dawn of September 28.

Journey : Go Goa 2018! The Three Musketeers

Day 1: 28 September 2018, Friday.

Being an “R&D engineer”, Our beloved Chick Magnet was unable to provide the GPS location(Mugu Home) for his friends. Both Sarath and GP after their tiring travel were roaming around Mugu’s apartment. At last, they reached Mugu’s Home and relaxed for a while. Mugu left for his work leaving Sarath and Gp behind. Their plan was to start around 12 PM to Chennai Central to embark their audacious journey to the Vegas of India.

Around 11 PM, Sarath got a call from his work and was assigned with a critical task. With only a few hours left, Sarath and GP went to their Chennai Office to complete the task. Things were not great and the work got escalated. In order to Catch up with the plan, GP left Sarath with his task as per their new plan. Meanwhile, Mugu reached Chennai Central Railway station. Sarath gave instructions for Mugu to check the Coach number and stand close to the train. As GP and Sarath didn’t have their lunch, they asked Mugu to buy something to munch. The Train was scheduled to depart at 3.00 PM. Around 2.10 Sarath completed his work item and started his way to Chennai Central in an AutoRickshaw from Taramani. As per Google Map, it will take 50 Mins from Taramani to Chennai Central. GP reached the station around 2.45 PM.

Day 0 : The Train Journey

The situation got intense. As their whole plan is based on this train journey. All of them were not sure whether the plan will work out or not. As Sarath might miss the train. With 8 Kms to catch up, they felt like they were in the war room. With Instructions on the Fly, Sarath calculated all the possibility to catch up with them just in case he missed the train. He is damn sure he could catch the train, but the others weren’t. Around 2.55 PM, the final instruction came from Sarath, “Get into the train No Matter What”. With heavy traffic in the front, Sarath saw the Majestic Central Railway Station from the bridge. With his 70L Rucksack, He started running into the station like a cheetah hunting his prey. (He is thinking himself as such) the truth was, everyone thought he was a crazy folk, who is gonna miss the train. It was 3.00 PM, When he reached the station entrance, he ran across the waiting hall without bombarding people and saw the Guard waving his Flag for Mas Vasco Express. With blank mind, he started running behind the train, the railway police started scolding him as he was carrying a heavy bag and he might fall down. He ran, He ran, and he boarded the train(General Coach) at 3.04 PM. The phone was ringing….. He said, “I boarded the train”. He was smiling, It was some sort of achievement, an adventurous amusement. All of a sudden, the train halted. He was like “Why the hell now”.

The guards halted the train, as two elderly women were trying to board the train after him. Without further thoughts, He jumped from the General Coach, started his way to Coach S11. GP and mugu were excited to See him as the trip was On. Our Chick Magnet, was in distress as he didn’t buy food for them. Sarath got super mad and kicked his ass.  The train was filled with youngsters. After chit-chats, they settled and started enjoying their train journey.

Day 2: 29 September 2018, Saturday.

Mas Vasco Express train route is famous for the tunnels, valleys, greeneries and obviously, Dudhsagar Falls. Sarath sat on footsteps of the coach with the GoPro in his hand to record the majestic water Dudhsagar Falls. Whenever the train passes through a tunnel, the passengers cheered. The train halted near a tunnel and they could see water droplets dripping on the side wall. One of the Railway Vendor clamored falls!! The passengers started cheering and we witnessed the enchanting Dudhsagar Falls. The train took a curve and we witnessed the whole falls as we moved forward. Everyone started cheering, at that moment, they felt they were all children one time or another. They resumed their session on recording the scenarios with their human eye.

Madgaon Railway Station

The train reached Madgoan Railway Station. They were delayed by an hour. They were awestruck, as the station was unimpressive. Their view of Goa from movies was, with beaches, bar, restaurant, and adventure sports whereas it was similar to most sub-urban places in India. They didn’t think through as they were still in Madgoan. They started walking to their hotel which was 2 KM from the station. Lots of local vendors approached them for Accommodations and bike rental on their way. They reached the central part of the Madgoan, the place looked like a town which stopped upgrading its building 20+ years ago. It still possessed its own beauty. They reached their hotel and got freshened up.

Day 1 Colva Beach

In the evening it started raining and there were no bikes available to be rented. Sarath got super pissed as he doesn’t want to spend his day in the hotel room. After a quick snack in a cafe, they started approaching various bike rental places but their efforts went in vain. Finally, they took a cab to Colva beach. It was a 30 min ride from Madgoan to Colva. The drizzling weather made the ride fabulous, they did notice the cultural changes around them, the houses were two-storey at max, compound walls, gardens and the attire of people. The ride was affordable, they came to their first destination in Goa, Colva Beach.

Crimson Red Sky

Colva beach was packed with people and despite that it was stunning. They packed their slippers in the bag. There was a stream confluence with the sea, kids were playing in that. Our hero took the GoPro and recorded the delightful things happening around him. After taking lots of splendid pics with their DSLR, they sat down and enjoyed the crimson red sky. They came back to the hotel via public transport, had their all-night sleep.

Day 3: 30 September 2018, Sunday.

They started their day early and rented two bikes for a hefty sum. After some munching, they reached Braganza Pereira House. They were allowed to visit the east-wing of the big house. They paid around 500 to support the maintenance of the building. Despite the owner of the place swanking his family’s heritage. The house was filled with artifacts including dinosaur fossils and rhinoceros horn. There was beautiful portraits, ivory collection, huge mirrors. The house tried to stick with its indigenous look and they have achieved it to some extent. Of course, they took lots of pictures in the ballroom and the private chapel.

Braganza Pereira House

Followed by that, they visited Palácio do Deão, a small mansion once hosted José Paulo. A couple has completely restored this place from ruins after 3 years of untiring efforts. Sarath was astonished by their efforts, as the couple pulled somethings of this huge by investing their hard earned money and their time. They really enjoyed the way Rubin Vascodagama hosted them and the tour he gave during their visit. Both Sarath ad GP were eager to sponsor their fruitful attempt. They had their lunch in a cottage restaurant, the food was terrible and they had to leave in the half-filled tummy. They had a long day to catch up. With two more places left, they resumed their journey to southern Goa. They traveled across scenic greenness on both sides, the destined at Cabo de Rama Fort.

Cabo de Rama Fort

The fort was in a pretty bad shape, nature took his turn and renovated the fort with it’s cover. The fort was truly a beauty despite its ruins and it hosted scenic view of the sea. They moved further to the east side of the fort, yomping across the destroyed fort. They were the only people in that place, they had their perfect viewpoint spanning over 180 Degree. They spent some time enjoying their stay and taking some stunning landscape shots. When they left the fort, they realized something was wrong, they were running out of fuel. Luckily they had already bought some spare fuel. In the late night, they reached Vasodagama and stayed at a cool hotel. They had lasagna and something pasta-ish for the dinner. The had an open mic that night, the place was full of familyish audience. Old people cheering for Bollywood songs, but the music kept them going.

Day 4: 1 October 2018, Monday.

Basilica of Bom Jesus

They had planned a lot for the next day. Mugu and GP had to skip their breakfast since they were late. They couldn’t get any bikes for the same reason. They made a last minute change and moved their stay to Panaji. the capital of Goa. They rented two Activa bikes, popular among tourists. They went straight to their hotel, dumped all their luggage and rode their bike to Basilica of Bom Jesus, one of the hotspots in Goa. #mustvisitplace The church stands magnificently with two sumptuous trees on its side. Mugu was pestering to buy something crafty for his friend “GIRLfriend”. They peekabooed some of the shops near the Basilica. They stopped for a quick munch at a bakery. Sarath chose coolsberg, a non-alcoholic beverage as it kinda looked like Breezer and sounded like Carlsberg(2 in 1). Mugu and GP convinced him that they will buy the same near the hotel. Poor boy didn’t realize it was October 1.

Brownie and Fontainhas

They continued their plan, their next stop was Miramar beach and later to Dona Paula View Point. It started heavily raining and there was a strong breeze. They solicited shelter in a restaurant, the breeze was so heavy, the fans in the restaurant started swirling with a loud noise. None of them was pluviophile. yet they enjoyed the rain. They had their food from a roadside shop and rode their vehicle in the breeze. Around 10 PM, they saw CCD and Sarath was eager to have a brownie. They had coffee, spoke with their friend Logesh(Via voice call) and of course Brownie. They went straight to the hotel and crashed. After a while, Sarath and GP took off to a restobar nearby[Down the road]. It was midnight and they were about to shut down the place for Gandhi Jayanthi(Hope you guessed it). Sarath’s goal for drinking a non-alcoholic beverage went in vain, Whom you are kidding, never expect a non-alcoholic beverage in a “Bar”. What happened after that is a mystery and it resides only in Sarath and GP’s head.

Day 5: 2 October 2018, Tuesday.

The next day was a big day. Yay, the adventure day. They went for parasailing, jet ski, and banana ride. They had a great time in the sea. They went to Chapora Fort. One of the side walls of fort extends to a hillock. I wish I could say this, they parkoured to the hill and reached the end of the cliff. Nooo!, they walked. They spent some time taking pictures and enjoying the view.

Anjuna Beach

From there, they reached Anjuna beach. One of the hot beaches in Goa. Since it’s the start of the season, the craft shops were not open. Mugu was pretty worried. They went to cafe Liliput, despite a bitter start with one of the waiter, they enjoyed the place and the food. They went back to their hotel. Later on, they tried to recreate the Aquaman Cinematic scene with SlowMo Video. On their way back to the hotel, they visited a few craft shops.

Day 6: 3 October 2018, Wednesday.

They started their day with yummy food from an Andhra Mess. They toured Aguada fort. They quenched their thirsts from a few shots of Nimbu Paani. Mugu bought a doll for his “friend.” They spent time in Calangute beach. Around 3 PM, they packed their bags for the sad day.

The Three Musketeers

They checked out from the hotel, dropped Mugu in his hotel for his flight the next day. Sarath and GP after a 30+ Km ride back to Panaji with a pitstop at São Jacinto. They left their bikes at the rental place. After their snacks at Ritz Classic(Quite a place indeed), they started their journey to Hyderabad.

Day 7: 4 October 2018, Thursday.

They reached Hyderabad, Mugu reached Chennai and resumed their daily deskjob. The Musketeers journey ceased.

Their pitstops have been marked in the map below.

OSM Link:

More pics here: Go Goa 2018

P.S; If you have read this much, thanks for coping with all this nonsense. Thanks a lot. This was my feeble attempt at story telling, feedbacks are welcome. Happy Smiley

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