CS and his phone – The Digital Detox

At the age of 17, I started using my first phone, Nokia 1100. It was a piece of marvel, instead of tinkering it or understanding the tech behind it, I used it as a black box for communication and playing Space Impact. The same phone actually gave me the confidence to talk to girls in the first place. I used to be a misogynistic introverted guy. I used to text occasionally with one of my classmates and sooner the frequency of the text got increased and ended up in a turmoil. My parents saved me from this catastrophe and pivoted my life to a different path.

After my high school, I bought my first personal computer and learned a lot of stuff, picked up my interests and which inturn changed my life. During this period of time, whatever I have done, I never expected any appreciation or reward of any sort. It was mostly me, my curiosity and of course my buddies.

This was also the time, I joined the social-media platforms. I didn’t want to post my pictures online especially in the social media for a different reason, yet there are a few of my pictures in the moving Internet. I could convince myself that I didn’t crave for like/ any kind of rating/reward system that is available across the internet in the respective platforms. Like fellow human beings, I did fell for this compulsive addiction especially with respect to Instagram.

My other behavioral changes include using smartphone all the time. Earlier, I convinced myself that I am dumping myself with knowledge as this tiny gadget beholds a mammoth of information. Shortly, I become prey for this monstrosity. From knowledge seeking it turned into infotainment and towards entertainment over the span of time. Smartphone has completely taken my life. I have been completely ignoring human communication in the real world. My day starts off and ends with the Smartphone. During lunch with friends, during the snack time, in the bus, while walking it’s him, I seek solitude with.

I am not sure whether this is pro or con. But this behavior with respect to my current social life is not a welcoming one. I am planning to use my smartphone less often. Let’s see how it goes from here.

I have also come across this interesting take on millennial and social media addiction: link

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