A day Out with ROOMies

I was extremely happy when Kaushik, my room mate asked me to join a bike ride. I was skeptical since i have  tons of work pending. I declined the offer.  When your room mate is a maestro in convincing, You can’t do more right?

I was pulled out of bed Saturday morning. We made things ready and started around 10 AM in the morning. I borrowed a bike from Vineeth Bhaiya :P. I didn’t have any expectation for this excursion, the two thing he revealed me was “Destination : Ananthagiri Hillls , Distance : 60 KM”. The reality was somewhat different, It was a 120 KM ride, mostly covering NH which were still under construction i.e  dirt road. Despite that the journey was captivating. I maintained an average pace. I lost my group twice, had to rely on GPS and “Pester your buddy via phone method”. We reached the place half past noon. It was a view point with a little Shiva temple and lots of people taking SELFie. We skipped that place and went into the dense forest area. We ate some fresh guava, it was a taste of paradise when you were fungry as hell. We reached our destination which was a reservoir. People were swimming and kayaking. We had some snacks and jumped in to the water. It was sunny and we were shivering. People were shocked by our mischievous acts.

In the evening we went on kayaking. It was pure joy. It was you, the kayak and the stream. I was inspired by some of the NAT GEO photographers and tried to replicate their snaps, the efforts went in vain 😦 took a bunch of pictures. We headed back to the view point and clambered to top of the hill. I listened to one of my favorite song. It was around 6 PM we started our journey back. It was pitch dark and ridiculously cold. Despite layers of clothing i was numbed. I was craving to be home. We pit stopped at a village fire camping place, warmed up a little and resumed the ride. The day ended with a yummy Masala Dosa.

Thanks Bro for an adventurous day.


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