The Midway Crisis

Hello everyone,

Before going on to the latest update. A while ago, I completed my Under-graduation with whopping grades. I have never thought i would clear my examinations with such a good grades. This was possible because of the huge support from some of my friends who have encouraged and pushed me to my extent. This post is dedicated to them 🙂

For the past two months, I have been travelling, and i have spent less than 10 days in my home. I visited Uttarakhand on an expedition, followed by a short stay in Hyderabad. As soon as i came back from the trip, I had to start my career. Things went as per my plan.

I joined one of the biggest IT firms in India as Systems Engineer. I was recruited for the profile during my UG Final year of studies. On September 18, I joined the firm. As some of you might know, I am an avid supporter of Openness, Where as the work culture in a corporate world is 180 Deg opposite to what i have been practicing for the past few years. With all extremeness, I really wanted to explore this aspect of things, what they hold, I thought i could learn a few things and really understand how the whole chain works, what are their true values. This was a huge decision for me, I have spent weeks trying to make this choice and tortured some of my friends in the process.

I had to shift to Kerala for the Initial training process. There were 43 associates from different part of the country. I could see that place as a multicultural hub, hailing from different cities across India. When the curriculum for the training has been shared with us, things got scary. I was recruited for a particular stream and i was assured i will be working under the same, Where as the curriculum was purely on Interactive design. I discussed with various people across the organisation about the generic training program. With all due respect i cannot blame them, this is how their training program operates. I cannot convince myself to undergo a training program, which is going to hinder a career plan that i have been living with.

On September 29, I submitted my resignation letter, met a few top tier employees, “the convincing part”. In the end, I glued to my decision, i was released from the firm by 5 PM. That moment, i was perplexed. I didn’t have enough time to say a proper au revoir to some of my friends there. It’s my honour to mention some of them, The Strict Brother(anna) from the apartment, Tea stall Chetta, Chennai Pasanga from EIS batch, Manoj from Ooty, Katta Dosa Shop brother, Puttu Stall Chechi, forty two friends from my batch, Cafetiere brother and quite a few buddies and especially staffs. My parents were unhappy with my decision, since i have left a highly rewarding job. They supported me anyhow but not with a happy face 😛 When i came back home, it was not what i have had in my mind. Atleast they (my parents) have to show me their discontent. I am pretty much sure, this was going to happen, but not at this scale. They were full of gloom on the first day of visit, then on the second day, there was little conversations. Things started feeling strange. “As you sow, so shall you reap” On October 1st, I left  my home to Hyderabad. This was one of my worst trip, as it was a public holiday, It took me 19 hours to reach, in which i have spent more than 5 hours of travel in standby mode.

“The evil you know is better than the evil you don’t”.

I have joined another organisation with a open culture, enthusiastic and supportive crowd. It feel like being part of a family here. I love the food, the people, the liberty and the domain i am working on. Like spidey’s uncle said, ” with Great power, comes great responsibility”. I have to work 😛 Things are smooth now. I just have to stick with my plan and move forward. Willing to make things happen.

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