A Year As a Placement Coordinator

This year i have limited my acitivities with in my academics. Most of my days were spent on the Training and placement cell of my college. I was unanimously( I hope so) elected as a Representative to lead my department. This is a year spent well. I learned so many things. I molded myself. There are times i felt responsible. I cannot quantify( Actually i should, but that’s not the point of this blog, lets be emotional 😛 ) what i have learnt. This day, We had farewell. We shared what we have done as a collective to the next batch of students.

As a part of this I sent this message to my class mates to mark the end of an era ( 😛 a year )


Dear Friends,
On this particular day, I would like to thank each one of you for providing me an opportunity to serve as a placement cell coordinator. As a team a year before We took the responsibility to provide a conducive environment to provide and share info  about the activities that are all happening in T&P. It’s been an year.

I did my best to be fair in every aspect. I have heard so many criticism individually and collectively, I cannot complain them since they are provided with very less or inadequate data about the things that all are happening inside the office. I am pretty much  sure i haven’t used any of my privileges, if u think so, thanks for that.

This day, our placement count was 39*, Not a thing i am proud of, But still It’s really a good number.

Sadly, We stand Second in the Placement statistics. I have to take responsibility for that. May be i have made more efforts for the whole T&P cell than to our dept.

Other than this regret, Whether u agree or not, I am proud that i played a teeny tiny role in your career.

This day, We have handed over the Responsibilities to our Juniors. I Wish them and each one of you a great future. Do well folks

Thanks to Surya, Madhu, Arthi, Nikilesh, Gilber, Ashwin, Chakri, Priyanka and everyone who have been working as a collective for our dept.

Thanks a lot for everything.



I have to thank them for bearing me, allowing me to experiment, their trust, their belief. It really meant a lot to me folks.


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