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Hola Amigos y lectores,

4CCON, India’s biggest event for Hacktivists, Geeks, hackers , makers and technologist is gonna happen on January 26, 2017. This event is conducted by Free Software Movement of India (FSMI), a premier organization working for the use, popularization and dissemination of Free Software, Open Technology and the Commons in India. In order to promote this event, FSHMP – Free Software Hardware Movement Puducherry conducted a run-up event in which i got a chance to share about Open Hardware. The event was about “Building Interactive Objects” . It’s been a long time since i took a session. There are times where i used to do lots of pre-event work for a session. This event i had to rush up. Any how the event went smooth,  i have provided a gist of the event.


Two days before the event, We started sharing the details and poster, and got ample responses.

Venue was Maitri, such a peaceful place. We expected a decrease in the number of attendees since it was Chistmas whereas it exceeded the number of registration. We haven’t prepared for that. 😛 Prasanna Vengadesh, Free Software Activist and a student from Pondicherry University started the session with Introduction to the Free Software Ecosystem, the need and current scenarios leaving the space for me to start with. I gave a little introduction to Interactive design, how easy it is to build stuffs that will interact with physical world, and how openness has really helped to build  devices that are cool and solved bigger problems. Then we moved on to a demo that i have made. It was a last minute build, i salvaged one of my old project and added bluetooth feature to it, ” Bluetooth Controlled Infinite Heart ❤ “. he he. Thanks to Narendiran and Mani, they built a Cat repellent System, that’s how they tag it 😛 which scares the cats by detecting motion using UltraSonic sensor. All the builds were based on Arduino.
This will be a part of 4 event for the upcoming 4CCON.

Event Pics: Link

Audio Log: Link
See you there. Nerdy

#4Ccon #fsftn #fsmi

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