An Another Update :P

It has been already two months since my last update. Things might seem good if you are around me, unfortunately they are not. Everyday there is a battle between what I have to do vs what i need to do. Just realizing a single part of a journey stagnated my growth. Why that happened, I am sure about the cause and impact. But i am just ignoring it.

There is a huge transition that is happening around me, new people, different perspective, more exposure and intense care.

Recently I met with an accident. The injury was minor, A lesion in my palm and  some minor scratches in my leg and hand.  When the accident happened i felt Slow-Motion, Like those in Super Hero movies, except the dramatic BG. I have never been thrilled that much before.. I tried to be cool while being examined at the hospital, it didn’t work 😛 it was painful. But everything that happened i had full control over it. I have been steering my life, I just made a total swing i need time to experiment the decision. I am sure about the impact but I am not just gonna ignore and lead my life just because it may fail.

Apart from all this, there are some good Humans ❤ supporting me at this crucial time. I don’t know why they do, But they are doing it and i hope they will push me beyond my horizon. If you are reading this i am sure you are one of them. 🙂

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