Journey to God’s Own Country

I always dreamed of getting on  a bike and travel to exotic places alone. This may be cinematic but i always felt the urge to do, at least without a bike 😛 I was not in a position to try it out or i am afraid to do so at this juncture. I have been trying to accomplish this dream this vacation and i failed. The main reason was the cost involved and my college burden. Meanwhile my college buddies have been planning on for a four day trip to Kerala.

Initially i was not in an intention to join them, despite i love Kerala. They bragged me to join them, they are my friends and they don’t want to leave me here while they are enjoying at least they are doing their part correct. The defence i got was silly. I want to spend time alone there, where as if i join them it will be a party and my finance was kind of tight. Without losing hope they convinced me to join them. I was worried since i had so many things lined up to be completed by October and i procrastinate a lot.


It was a four day trip. I don’t want to boast about the places we visited 😛 but without that this blog won’t fulfill its purpose. The first day we visited Munnar, Hill station. We have to appreciate our vehicle driver, he drove so smoothly in all those hairpin bends, curves and ends. Like all tourists we got into a jeep and visited the same 10+ t ouristic spots from Flower Garden to Top Station. In those places, Top station was mind boggling. Our energy was exhausted while climbing down to the old ropeway were tea bags were delivered. My nose and ears got clogged because of the cold. But with friends around us we took amazing Pics, Selfies and groupies. trekking back was more horrible than i expected and we are left with no other options. I loved that place, but we have to rush back to the hotel because of heavy rain.


Day 2: This day was quite amusing and we needed that. Alapuzzha, House Boat and 2 hours of pleasantness. All those green things around the water was pleasing my eyes. After that we went to LuLu Mall for shopping. I didn’t buy a thing there.  I visited all the tech related shops, had hands on Experience on some of the tech i couldn’t afford 😛 for the first time i visited Hantley and was thrilled to see all those toys i wish to buy accumulated. Things are quite expensive there but they are adorable.


Day 3: This day was full of excitement. We spent the entire day in Wonderla, Kochi. One of the best days in my life. I  tried to hurl all the rides and excitements in the park, unfortunately missed Disco Rain attraction. The park didn’t satisfy my expectation still i loved The pirate ship, Space gun and Maverick. Maverick was my favourite dry ride. Water Rides were quite good too. Did i mention the wave pool 😀 The day was well spent. Lots of pics and tired face at the end.

Day 4: We went to Malampuzha Dam and Visited Few parks over there. The Rope car ride was fun. This day involved more of travel and we reached home that night.


The journey was not what i always dreamed of, but it was a good experience. It’s just about what i need vs what i want. Thanks to the buddies who forced me to join the excursion, I would have missed these much fun. I learned few things which i couldn’t have if i were here. I also found out my mobile camera was pretty good and i took few impressive shots with it. some of the pics that i shared here were taken with it. FYI my mobile phone is Redmi 2 Prime running Cyanogen MOD M     PANO_20160627_114705

Travelling is Fun!

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