What makes you feel ashamed?

DISCLAIMER: This post is going to be melodramatic. This was not related to knowledge sharing. Just a post to share my thoughts.

One cannot be generous all the time.

One can help people in their distress,do things to uplift people. These things cannot happen in a day or month. Those people whom have been doing these, were shaped by the environment. To leave the self-centered zone, and to help the wider people around them. But, Why i am mentioning it. Even though i was a self centered folk in the early years of my life, because of impact of so many things, i came out of it and started respecting others and tried to be indulgent. I am not noble. I thought i am more of a tolerant, forgiving and unselfish person. This was my view which happened to be based on the views from my friends and acquaintances.

But the transition from former to latter one evolved over a period of time. Yet a smaller decision can destroy what tooks so many years to evolve. One thing that i made without considering the impact on others, Just the impact on me, destroyed what it tooks so many years. Without even integraiting that decision to my life, it’s kind of painful to accept. I regret it.

How i realized. There are people around you, the good ones, the impact creators!

Thanks folks, especially the strange ones 🙂

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