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Hardware Freedom Day 2016

Oh you came here to read another one! Thanks for passing by!


Happy Hardware Freedom Day, Thanks to the efforts of hackers around the world, Hardware Freedom Day was planned to happen this April 9th. Like always it was on Saturday, We , Free Software Hardware Movement, (Formerly known as Puducherry Gnu/Linux Users Group) celebrated this on 10th April 2016. The venue was Puduvai Science Forum.

This was a sudden plan because of some mishap. We planned for few activities. But the event came out pretty well. We started by 10.00 HRS.

BeagleBoneBlack Session with KArthigeyan
BBB and Python Session

Folks including students various colleges, IT professionals and an AI guy 😛 were present for the event. The first half a day was concentrated much on Open Hardware and BeagleBoards. An introduction session on BeagleBoardBlack with Python was handled by Karthigeyan, Fellow Open Hardware enthusiasts. He did a magnificient job in that, followed by need for Open Hardware since there was new folks.

What we did after Lunch
Afternoon Session

After lunch, With help from PYmesh, A collective building  peer-to-peer community wireless initiative in Puducherry, we tried to Build a Yagi-Uda Antenna.  The antenna was made to establish a point to point connection. With overwhelming efforts from today’s hackers, By evening we have already built a 2.54 GHz 15 Step Yagi-Uda Antenna. I was astonished to see the Antenna working and having a good signal strength across the street( I am not sure about the distance, but it was quite large 😛 ).  The next step will be testing this one across a longer distance.

Yagi-Uda Antenna Connected with D-Link Router.
Yagi-Uda Antenna Connected with a Wireless Router

This was a productive day as far as i am concerned. Looking forward for more! Awesome efforts people! thanks a lot  ❤

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