Arduino , W5100 and Phant.io

Arduino Weather Station and Sparkfun Phant Integration
Hello nerdy makers,
If you have trouble getting things up with Arduino, W5100 Ethernet shield and DHT11 sensor as a weather station this blog post is for you. else check out other cool stuffs from my blog. This was a test setup that we did in order to make a standalone community weather station. The connection is pretty much simple.


DHT11 and Mega
DHT11 and Mega
Pin 1 -> VCC
Pin 2 -> Data
Pin 4 -> GND
Note: Make sure you have a working Ethernet shield. Try  to get it working. There were problem with our w5100. Improper Handshake with some routers.

I modified the code from sparkfun librabry for phant.io service. Thanks to previous Author.

Setup a stream for two fields in phant.io server temperature and humidity. Generate a stream obtain public key and private key. Modify the code for your setup.

Code: Github.io

Happy data logging.

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