What makes you feel ashamed?

DISCLAIMER: This post is going to be melodramatic. This was not related to knowledge sharing. Just a post to share my thoughts. One cannot be generous all the time. One can help people in their distress,do things to uplift people. These things cannot happen in a day or month. Those people whom have been doing... Continue Reading →

Hardware Freedom Day 2016

Oh you came here to read another one! Thanks for passing by!   Happy Hardware Freedom Day, Thanks to the efforts of hackers around the world, Hardware Freedom Day was planned to happen this April 9th. Like always it was on Saturday, We , Free Software Hardware Movement, (Formerly known as Puducherry Gnu/Linux Users Group)... Continue Reading →

Arduino , W5100 and Phant.io

Arduino Weather Station and Sparkfun Phant Integration Hello nerdy makers, If you have trouble getting things up with Arduino, W5100 Ethernet shield and DHT11 sensor as a weather station this blog post is for you. else check out other cool stuffs from my blog. This was a test setup that we did in order to... Continue Reading →

Arduino Day 2016

Greetings folks, As part of Arduino Day celebration around the world, We Celebrated Arduino day on April 3rd 2016. The event was likely to happen as an Open-Talk event on Open Hardware. But it turned out well. We had a considerable amount of participants for the event. Like always the event started with Introduction to... Continue Reading →

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