Its been a long time since i attended any Mozilla Event Because of hectic schedule and exams. I have been invited to attend Moz Cafe- event . This is going to be an introductory event for Firefox Student Ambassador around Villupuram. The event was organised by Syed Khaleel who has been actively involved with Mozilla for the past three years. The event was planned by FSA’s From Villupuram and Pondicherry. Since this is going to be an introductory event, I chose to speak about community building.

We reached the venue in time. 😛 Students from Tiruvannamalai, Villupuram and Puducherry gathered there. The organisers should get a round of applause. Everything was ready. Following the registration, event started. You can find the schedule below. I was astounished since the event was little bit different.It didn’t look conventional way, every one was given opportunity to speak. Even though the participants didn’t interact in the beginning, they started asking question as they pace up. My talk on Community Building made me feel i am back after a long time. Since i know people were new. I shared what i learned by working with different people as a community. Future activities were planned for the forthcoming days.

Agenda FSA-MEET Villlupuram
Agenda FSA-MEET Villlupuram


At the end of the day. We are sure we gave new thought and made people to think about Mozilla and the power of community.



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