What i did @ IIT-M

Being a Part of Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu i have learned a lot. I could simply say FSFTN moulded me into something what i am today. It has given me tons of opportunity. If u have read my previous Blog post u could have understood.

FSFTN organises a Premium event “Summer Camp” every year. For the past three year this event was held @ IIT Madras. Since i have been actively involved with FSHM. This year also i got a chance to volunteer for summercamp.

I dont wanna drag this post into what happened there. You can easliy find out if you refer this site.

SummerCamp Here

In simple words, the whole camp is based on free culture and free software technologies. Students learned the power of collaborative working as well as techonological stuff let me explain how these things are done! The event was powered by Volunteers ? πŸ˜›Β  πŸ˜›Β  πŸ˜› Who are those volunteers?

Thats a fantabulous questiion! Students from various part of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, Working Professional from various part of our country πŸ˜› (Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad only )

Pre-event works were done by volunteers. The website that i mentioned above, Android APP for the event, content framing for the camp was done by whom? Volunteers πŸ˜› . Inspite of our exams and work, we dedicated our time to make things happen prior to event. i am proud to say im part of it!

The day before the camp. We had a Volunteer meetup. It provided a chance to meet new people and build rapport.Β  we made things ready for the next day event.

Camp Started with Session on Free Software Philosphy followed by Gnu\Linux installation Session. There were 140+ Participant including students, professors and working professionals. They were divided into 28 team comprising of 5 or 6 members in each team.Volunteers were assigned to lead a team and help them out if they need any. The team building was taken care to include students from different year of study, different college and gender.Β  Apart fromΒ  Technical stuff participants were asked to make a project on previously chosen 15 Social problems prevailing in our country. Since they learned HTML,CSS, JS, Ruby and RoR during the course of Camp. They were asked to build a site based on the topic given to them. The teams were asked to showcase their projects at the end.

This year summer camp was fantabulously awesome in many ways. The state of participants on the first day and the last day clearly depicts the Success of the event. FSFTN’s Summer Camp is not just a Certificate providing event. It is lot more than that. The moto of the event to provide the idea of Free Software to the students was done in the Best way.

Summer Camp 2015
FSFTN Summer Camp 2015

As a Volunteer, This year Summer camp taught me lots of things. As a Team lead. I tried my best to work with my team. Though i was not able to do on few occasions. I motivated my team and they motivated me πŸ˜› I wouldn’t say lead I prefer i worked with them as a friend. Interacting with new people, learning stuff , discussing raging ideas , topics ( ❀ ) and awesome food were part of those six days.Β  It pointed out lots of things. It showed me Where I am now. It is time for now to work on!



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