FreedomFest 2015


Days @ Swecha’s FreedomFest

FreedomFest 🙂

I got a chance to attend FreedomFest an annual event organised by Swecha. FYI, Swecha is a Free Software Community running in Andhra Pradhesh for more than 7 years. I would like to share my experience on things that i learnt there. Afterall i should Thank FSFTN and SWECHA for giving this wonderful opportunity to me. Two volunteers from FSFTN accompanied me. We started by Train From Chennai to Kacheguda. 700+ Kms awesome journey, i would say.

Day 1:

We reached the station in Time. The venue, it was astonishing, supreee architecture. After refreshing, we registered and attended inaugural Session. Swecha Team Officially launched their Android APP in Google Play Store. The Hall where events are going to take place was named after notable persons, Aaron Swartz, ADA lovelace and Visvesvaraya. This was awesome! proud of you guys. The first day event was divided  into four paralled tracks including Paper Presentation. I chose Open Hardware Session. It was good. The talk comprises from Fabrication of IC’s to Open Hardware Tools and a Little Demo on Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Afternoon we had great lunch. After lunch, I attended Introduction to Python Session, the session was pretty good. I was able to notice more number of First year students in the hall.The session focused more on Coding. It would surely help them a lot. After session, Swecha Arranged for a Clutural Event by “Indian Folks” A-Live-In Concert. But they were not typical team, their songs were focused on social aspects including land acquisition, social inequality etc..,


Day 2:
We started with the same energy that we had on the First day. There were three parallel tracks, the event started on time. This time i chose Functional Programming and Introduction to Haskell. This gave a new way to look into problems and an easy approach to solve it. Instead of thinking like a machine to solve a problem. This approach focuses more on what to do instead of How to do it. It was a new concept and it fascinated me a lot. i would surely give it a try. After lunch, I attended a session on Open Data. Then we met Swecha Volunteers. Swecha Volunteers shared their activities they did for the last one year. We did the same on behalf of FSFTN. I think FSFTN and swecha are same Organisation with different names 😛 Since both of them have similar Ideologies. After this we took a snap. At last, the venue changed into youth Parliament :P. I have never attended a thing like this before. It was fantabulous. seen lots of enthusiastic students . We rushed up and finished our journey at Secunderabad Station.

FSFTN and Swecha Volunteers 🙂


Freedom Fest was one of the best event i attended. I met lots of new people and learnt a lot. I should Thank FSFTN and Swecha once again for this opporunity.

I ❤ FreeSoftware 🙂


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