The most Horrible Day in my Life

Everyday is a new day.

Yup it is.

December 16th of 2014.

It was 5.30 PM when i returned from my college. I have to travel in bus for more than 50 mins. As you know i was bit tired. When i entered into my home i saw a package from snapdeal. I asked my mom about it from the door. She Screamed it belonged to me. I was shocked. I didn’t oder any stuff. When i saw the package, It was an Antivirus(3 years Subscription including 5 users) Software Disc worth Rs. 7627. The anger i got during that moment …. Who the hell needs an antivirus. I am Gnu\Linux User. I never bought stuffs online which costs more than 1000 Bucks. The saddest part is my dad paid for the parcel.  😦

Problem 1: I got a parcel from Snapdeal worth Rs.7627

Problem 2: Its an antivirus Software.

Problem 3: My dad Paid for it.

Problem 4: I don’t recognise who ordered it. Since it was done using my old Mobile number.

Problem 5: My dad forget to look who delivered the package.

My whole savings Just gone within a day.

The positive i got is <<<The package was not opened.>>>

How am i gonna Give back that much money to my dad. I thought it was my whole mistake. I don’t know whether it is anger / Some other emotion that humans express during moments that makes them feel they are an a*********** .    After thinking for a moment. Like every other loser i called snapdeal Customer care. I Clearly explained what happened. The guy at the other end( he shouldn’t be blamed)  said “I have to register a complaint in snapdeal, After that the courier service will come and collect the package, If the product is in good condition, they will transfer the money to my bank account”. I don’t think this things will be done in a month. Its a long process. I have read  lots of post on Replacing or canceling orders. Most of the customers lost their money. I don’t want to lose my money. Since it was 6.30 PM i figured out a way and got my money back. The effort that i put to get my money back that day was hell.

There are some good hearts. Thanks to them.

What i learned from this particular day.

*Don’t Open a parcel or stuff that came for another person.

* Never Share your Mobile number online explicitly.( Im still figuring out what happened)

I will surely find out what happened.


When i returned home after getting my money back my mom came to normal state. She said because of her prayer i got my money back and she is going to repay it to God( Ganapathy) by burning a Camphor. She did. I dont have any idea. 😐




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