Swatantra 2014

Swatantra 2014 was the fifth international Free Software Conference event. It was held in Kerala. I got an opportunity to attend this conference. I should have wrote this blog post as soon as i came home. Because of laziness it took me a week. I would have missed some point. Sorry for that. Lets jump!


It was a month of planning to attend this conference. We(Puduvai Gnu\Linux Users Group) thought as a community we can attend this conference. We registered for the conference. Our registration was successful by the way. 😛 and we started by train.

Trivandrum was a lovely place. There are few things i noticed there that i can’t see in my home town. You should stand in queue to get a prepaid auto ticket. That was awesome. Fare was low. Where as in my home town you have to make a long conversation with auto driver to reduce the fare. Thats not the point. We reached the hotel in time. no more blah.


DaY 1 Keynote Address by RMS

Prominent thing about this conference was Keynote address by Richard Mathew Stallman. He sacrificed many things in his life to be an example. That created an urge to attend his key note session. This was the first time i got an opportunity to see him, He was simple. The event started in time. This is what we should learn from ICFOSS team. A huge round of applause for you guys. I have watched lots of his talks on youtube. But he started his session by requesting not to upload his picture in Facebook or his video in Youtube. But there was lot of them already. He believed in Free Software Philosophy. His talk was astonishing.


DaY 2

The conference was inaugurated by Richard Mathew Stallman. After this there were parallel track Session on Various Topics. I chose Computational Biology and Open Science. That was a great Decision you know. I came to know about Open Access Publlication, Scilab (An free Software Alternative to Matlab), Open Science. The session on Open Science is awesome. I came to know about various Citizen Science Program.

The Next Parallel track was on Free Culture. I should have read about Cypherpunks and Free culture  before attending this session. It was hard to understand at that time. There are times that i couldn’t grasp the speakers. The session comprises of discussion on Copyright and Censorship. I got some clear views on Copyright issues for the first time there. Yup Creative Commons too.But i still have to do lots of reseach(duckduckgo).

Swatantra 2014
Swatantra 2014

Day 3

This day started with Ms. Nina Paley Talk on Free Culture. She shared her views on Free Culture and how it is good for humans since we  have a culture. And the interesting Facts about copying. You should watch Sita sings the Blue, An animated Film written and directed by her BTW she released the film in Creative Common Share-Alike License. Thats Bold i will say.

Then there was Panel Discussion on Internet and surveillance.Discussion comprises of  Surveillance state in India, Freedom on Internet, Internet governance and various policies that allows Surveillance in India. The next Parallel tack was on Open Hardware and IOT.


The whole Conference was filled with knowledge. I feel free software is needed for a free Society. you would like to check out!


ICFOSS website

Swatantra 2014



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