Sleep Paralysis

I am having a bad sleeping habit. I used to sleep late night, sometimes i work upto 4 A.M then i sleep upto 11 AM the next day. I used to sleep wherever i can in sofa’s, Bed, Mat, Floor, Chair πŸ˜› too. Sometimes weird things happen, I just wake up from a deep sleep, i will not be able to open my eyes fully, just a half no clear image, my hands are tied, i can’t move my body, My heart beats faster. In few occasion i feel someone is sitting on my chest. πŸ˜› i had this feeling more than 6 times.This started when i was 16. I told my mom, she said it was a daemon(In Tamil It is called “Amukhu Pei” ) which sit on your chest and try to harm u. I dont exactly remember what she said. After this i believed it. I quit sleeping in open terrace. (I thought this was the reason since ghost wanders on open terrace than closed room :P)

Then again i got this thing happening. Today <October 29 2014> I felt above things, But this time some extra flavours i felt, apart from eyes, body , Heart beat and chest daemon :P, I felt there was another person just passing by but i was not clear since i can hardly open my eyes, I tried to scream but i can’t. Then suddenly i feel, it was just my brain(I dont know how to tell , I lost control over my body, Just low vision, Heart beat nothing else). then i was back, but my heart beats faster, I checked my house, whether my father was back. But no one is there. My mom told me that daemon comes only during early morning usually @ 4.00 AM. But this time @ noon. So what i did , DuckDuckGo search ” A long sentence describing what i felt then enter” I got some Yahoo answers link, I found a Term Sleep Paralysis. After reading about it, i found that it was just sleeping paralysis not Ghost or something. It occurs due to bad sleeping habit and incorrect sleeping positions. I slept on my back on sofa with my head up. May be this was the reason i got this thing today. Anyway today I realised it was not Some Baddy evil Ghost(Amukhu Pei) It was just me with sleeping Paralysis.


Want to know more about sleeping paralysis check here :

LinkΒ  [Wikipedia]

Pick the brain


P.S:Β Β  If you have similiar feeling do share with me. πŸ˜€ eager to know πŸ™‚

Image Courtesy: WikiMedia.


2 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis

  1. ha ha ha… This happens to most people. I used to discuss with my friends and like you we even found the Sleeping paralysis page on wikipedia and there is even a documentary, you can search on youtube. Needed post. Amukku pei.. hilarious.

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