My Journey With Puduvai Gnu\Linux Users Group

It was Hardly One year since i joined Puduvai Gnu\Linux Users Group as a volunteer. I learned a lot. I thought I should write a blog on my experience with PuduvaiGlug. I wrote a blog hence you are here πŸ˜› . I was not able to share my experiences orderly since things happened simultaneously. I tried to share some stories, Do read have fun. Sorry if my Grammar was bad

I started using Linux Distro’s during my eleventh grade. I used to be a fan boy of Microsoft Windows, i had zero knowledge on Free software, Open Source nothing. I used to play Games. At that time one of my cousin who pursued Bio-Informatics told me that Ubuntu is awesome. Since i was collecting different Operating Systems(I thought it was my hobby)Β  i started playing with Linux. I tried Ubuntu, Fedora ,Puppy Linux, Damn Small Linux, Open Suse, Red hat and so on. I just installed them, used it for a day then cleaning it out. It was my hobby πŸ˜› . But i loved Fedora that time. πŸ™‚ Of-course after eleventh grade i had to enter twelfth, I was forbidden to use Computers 😦 I quit my hobbies. sometimes games on Windows, Movies thats it. I successfully cleared my exams…

It was during my summer vacation. i started digging out my cupboard, i found my pouch where i placed lots of operating systems discs, then my old hobby started. i tried to install Ubuntu. I got some problems, the usual one G πŸ˜› I tried for some solution online, In many forums, they displayed contact the nearest Linux Community. I just googledΒ Pondicherry Linux Community. it showed some stuffs. Then i thought in Puducherry no one uses Linux. πŸ˜› Then i searched for Chennai Linux Community, this time i found ILUGC. I googled “Pondicherry Linux Users Group” something like that. I found a website where they shared some blog post. i found there is a Group for Puduvai Linux Users Group. I gave a join request, my request was accepted.


Prior to that, you have to know why i want to Use Linux OS. I am a techno addict. i watch tons of Hollywood movies. I love hacker culture, a great fan of Die Hard 4.0, Matrix, eagle eye and lots. I thought i should become a hacker.Β  So the ultimate option i had was to start using Linux. This is how i got the idea to install Linux on my super cool Rig.

Then i posted an epic status in Puduvai\Linux users Group’s Facebook Group, saying ” Is it a orginal Linux Group”. I mean is this a group which is active and taking place in real world. I found lots of similiar groups in Facebook but it was just to solve queries. So for this epic status, i got answers as comment, explaining what is PuduvaiGlug. I was overhelmed by their replies and started want to join them. I thought i am going to join a Linux Club πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚Β  The next day, Viknesh posted a status saying Puduvai-Glug October Month First Meetup Venue: Ocean Academy,Date October 6th. I got there with my friend ManiRaj to Ocean Academy.


I was ontime, since i don’t know any of them, i was waiting for someone to ask me why i came here, There i saw Tamizh and Naresh, who are also Newbies, We entered into Ocean Academy and waited for Glug. Prasanna Who introduced himself and asked us to sit in the hall. I asked few questions about PuduvaiGlug to him personally. The Hall Comprises of people most of them are students. They shared stuffs on Free Software philosophy, Version Control System and Html Presentation using Reveal.js I was attracted by HTML Presentation. I thought as a group i can learn a lot with people especially if they are like minded. Then the meetup was over, i asked when will we have next meetup. i got a positive reply ” We will be having Meetups everyweek. “.


I installed three Operating Systems ( ubuntu, Windows 7 and Windows 8) I still thought Windows is best. I started attending Meetups regularly. I started using Linux more and more. I installed Linux Mint, A distro Based on ubuntu, ofcourse ubuntu is based on Debian. i started loving ❀ it, it is super fast, come out of the box, No unity πŸ™‚ i started using it as a primary OS and cleaned my WindowsΒ  Partition, I dont know why. During these day, I got to know about Free Software >> Free as in freedom, not Free as in Free Beer πŸ˜› >> Before that i know only pirated Software πŸ˜› Somehow my brain said Free Software is Good. I started reading Various Articles on Free software and got confused with Open Source, This was the time i saw a movie titled Revolution OS. This gave me a clear idea why i should support Free Software and somehow clarified my doubts with Free and Open. Then Its time for Richard Mathew Stallman and Linus Torvalds, I watched their talks, read their articles, I thought Free Software Is good for humans.

The main reason was sharing is good. Just because of some companies saying you shouldn’t share it, i just can’t say “Hey mac I can’t give this software to u” >> Even i was using a pirated version >> . The development of a software , If the Source Code was Open and people can collaborate, Modify and share it, That would be awesome, That is how we got the Best Operating System Gnu\Linux and other Free Softwares…

Free Software philosophy became my actual principle, i started applying it to my day-today life. I learned lots of stuffs from PuduvaiGlug, i proudly said I was a volunteer at PuduvaiGlug. I came to know Mozilla Project, The people who created Mozilla Firefox Browser, There my actual Contribution to a community started. I love Mozilla’s Mission to save the Web. I thought i should be a part of that mission. I subscribed for Firefox Student Ambassadors Program, Contributed to Mozilla QA >> Quality Assurance.I want to start a Gnu\Linux Users Group in my college, Hence students can actually use computers πŸ˜› , But i had no idea on what to do. I thought i should start a Firefox Student Ambassador Club in my college so that i can actually involve students. with help of PuduvaiGlug friends, I applied for Club Lead Training and i got accepted for the club lead program. I started a club <<Peczilla>>in Pondicherry Engineering College(Where i am currenlty pursuing Bachelor’s Degree now) along with my friend Naveen Prasanth. I gave talks on Mozilla Products and contribution.

My Actual Ground work was done during Education Freedom Day. We planned for this event, I took care of the venue(Wiseman Hr Sec School, Where i did my schooling , i easily got permission) and arrangement. This is the first time i gave a public talk, That too 60+ school students, The talk was on Mozilla Firefox Web Browser and DuckDuckGo>> The search Engine That Doesn’t Track you. I was fascinated by my talk πŸ˜› , the event was successful, students were enjoying, learned new things, i got good feedbacks from my teachers whom actually came there to see us. Overall Education Freedom day was fantabulous.


Then you know, i conducted some sessions , Became Mozillian awa evangelist, conducted few events in my college under Peczilla. Then we conducted a One Day Seminar on Free Software Technologies, Where i actually met Free Software Foundation Tamil Nadu(FSFTN) members, I listened to their talks , attracted by it, started digging out my research on Free Software . I was introduced to Open Hardware through PuduvaiGlug, Bought a kit and started playing with Hardware, As a electronics students, this is what should i do. Open Hardware will surely change the world and its already doing.


IIT-M Summer camp was organized by FSFTN , I went there as a volunteer, Lead a team of 6 people, grabbed lots of knowledge. I already did a blog post on my experience there please to read(Link:Here). After that i got bumped up and put extra efforts on what i was doing before. We(PGlug) Celebrated Software Freedom Day, I was part of it. I did my best to make the event successful, it is successful, i exhibited a stall on Open Hardware with my Cool Bots.


I was exposed to lots of things. I learned a lot. Started thinking out of the box(Somewhat), understood what is software :P. If i didn’t want to be a hacker, I wouldn’t have joined PuduvaiGlug and the above things would not happened and i will be a dumb-ass studying Java without reason.

PuduvaiGlug Showed me What is Leadership, Team Work, Community, Contribution(Giving Back), Science, Technology. I was there to grab those stuffs and tried to apply those stuffs in my life. Expecting a more from them….

I Support Free Software because i care about humans, i care about my rights and above all it is transparent.

I support Richard Mathew Stallman (RMS), Linus Torvalds, Julian Assange and all people who are fighting for freedom.

P.S: The hacking that i meant here cracking.

Free Software, Freedom, Knowledge is Free. ❀


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