App Hackathon

We have conducted many events as a Firefox Student Ambassadors. The App Hackathon Event Organised by Peczilla Team is quite different! Do you know why ???.

🙂 🙂 🙂 ❤ 🙂 🙂 🙂

For the First time we got Mozilla Reps from Chennai. We got superb Webmakers and App Developers. We planned this event prior, but venue was not confirmed. It got delayed so what! The event went awesome. Let me tell you more about this.. 😉


Thursday evening we got our Mozillians Nikhil, Jerald and Shreyas. We gave accomodation to them and discussed about the event with them. We planned the agenda and made everything ready.


Event was inaugarated by Dr. Loganathan, Head of Department, Computer Science Department. He gave a brief talk on why we should support open-source. Then we got our webmakers on stage.


Shreyas started by his own way “The Spectogram”. He gave Two topics and asked to students to vote for it. This worked a lot. It made students interact. For the first time I saw girls of our college debating. The Given Q are :

1. Who is  the Better Manager? WOMEN or MEN ?

2. Do you think  Privacy needed in Web ?



The outcome for the first Q was : as you know. Girls can do! For the second Q. It was a No. Shreyas gave his note on why we support Mozilla and a detailed discussion on Mozilla Products.Then we had break.Nikhil shared his views on Localization and its need. Localization got a huge bang in the event. For the first time they heard about Localization from a Localizer 😛 .


Finally, we had Jerald the webmaker. He gave a live session on Mozilla Webmaker and the new tool “App Maker”. This had been helpful for Second Day. Day-I Off 😦 We said “Bye-Bye”.



Three mozillians gone to home.By the time Naresh 🙂 Thanks to him he is the Original Organiser.

Naresh arrived Pondicherry by 9.00 PM . He got a ready plan for Day-II. That was awesome.We followed the same schedule.


It was awesome to see same number of students on Day-II<Thanks to App maker Session >. Since it was a holiday we expected there will be a decrease in number of students . We got Ramaseshan(Web Developer) to share his views on “Net Neutrality”. He did a Fantabulous Job.


The most important Session Firefox OS App Development. Naresh clearly explained how to create a Apps for Mozilla Firefox OS using HTML and CSS, yup that too from scratch. This fascinated many of my friends. We can expect Apps from them soon. In between we asked surprises questions and gave them “Special Goodies”. Event ended by a end note and Swags Distribution.



Event ended by 4.30 PM

Thanks to Naresh, Shreyas, Jerald, Nikhil Patel and Ramaseshan, Without them this event is ZERO. A Special thanks to Dr. Loganathan and all Volunteers 🙂





Looking For extra Pictures: Check out his Facebook Page Where we uploaded Some cool Pics For u 😛


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