Electronics is always my passion. I thought it was tough, from the present semester(III semester B.Tech) i understood little things. Since it deals mostly with theories and i have no knowledge on what a transister or Diode is going to make. Thanks to Arduino ,An open Hardware Prototyping Platform. I started working on it with simple projects. There is understood (somewhat) how  a diode / transister works by using variety of sensors. I didn’t use any diode or transistor directly. I used sensors and modules. Hence i got the practical Applications of those.


After doing so many projects, I understood the power of that small Atmel328 Chip. Yup i thought why can’t i make a robot out of it. There are ready made bots available. But i want to start from the scratch. That time i came to know about Mitronce’14 Manakular Vinayagar Institute of Technology Tech Symposium. There are other robotics competitions like Robo-Soccer , Robo War, Robo Race. All those things are huge at present. I thought of participating it. Then joining with my buddy Balaji( 😛 )  i started making my Line Follower Bot.  We finished the design somewhat.  Coding part. we took two part, one is program written in just mere logic and one another one is program based on PID “Proportional Integral Derivate” Mastering this with in a day is just like doing a designing job(both of these. I hated to the core).  I some how managed to write a simple PID Program for my bot. AS we expected it failed to move sometime. We have less time. We moved to mere logic. Balaji did this part 😛 . Well he did awesomely. Finally we are ready to go. We got another bot from my friend. We uploaded our program into it. Thats it we got two bots.


Round_1 is really tough since our bot failed to complete it. We had 3 chances. So again this time we rectified what the mistake we had done before. Bot did its job well. It completed Round one. Round_2 gave a huge disappointment. Our bot base width was so large, It increased the turning radius, so we are unable to cross the maze. But bot_2 “Zeus” finished it without penalty. We did. We completed the track in 1 minute 19 seconds. Lots of students participated it this contest. of course 😛 😛 we are the winners.  We go huge cash price 😛 . This will be a great boost for us. Soon you can expect lots from Team Craken (watever new name available we will change) 😛

2014-08-09-011        2014-08-09-025



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