Hurray! We did. We conducted our first Event with 70+ Students from my college. Especially from Computer Science department and Electronics & Communication Department. We got almost equal number of students, So there is no Gender Gap ๐Ÿ˜€ . It is awesome to evangelize about Mozilla especially with new people who were eager to Learn New Stuffs. Our Event Agenda Comprises ofย  Introduction to Mozilla ,its Products and Intro with Webmaker Project. Event started at correct time. Since Students gathered there in time. I was astonished because i thought less than fifty people will attend. But really 73 Students attended this event along with thirteen volunteers. It is huge for me since this is my first official stuff in my college ๐Ÿ™‚ .


One of the volunteers of PECZILLA, Praveen Kumar Started the Event with Welcome note. He shared what we gonna do that day. He gave a very brief intro of things.

He quoted

“Mozilla is a Volunteer driven Project, It has become successful because of contributors like us, So lets do this”

Everyone started listening. I am sure this will never happen in Classes ๐Ÿ˜› . He did a great job in inspiring those 70+ students that was what needed to move on.


Next We Got Naveen to share his Knowledge. He gave A philosophical Background on Free Software, Open Source Software then Problem with Closed Source Software. This helped students to understand what they are actually doing. He moved on to Mozilla Foundation. How it was Evolved ? What it made to the Open Web. Yeah He did!. He clearly explained Mozilla’s Mission. Along with this, He gave a Detailed talk on Mozilla’s Products from Mozilla’s Firefox to Today’s Firefox OS. He stated How Firefox’s Products are Different from Other Competitors. People started Interacting, they raised Lots of questions to us.


Its my Time! I saw Seventy+ people eagerly waiting for my session. I welcomed everyone, I made a HTML presentation. I started with Who am I ? Then moving on to Why Peczilla(Pondicherry Engineering College Firefox Students Ambassadors Club) was started,ย  our goal! I shared Why I love โคย  Mozilla! We got into Internet Freedom. After that Why we should Support Mozilla and its mission. Thats the end of Philosophical part. We moved on to WebMakers. After a Brief introduction to Webmaker Project we started with Webmaker Resources as well as how to begin making things. People really loved it. Especially the way things are given in the Webmaker Site. We got into Webmaker Tools. I started with X ray Goggles, People started loving it since i showed a Live demo, It is easy to grasp and everyone got attracted by It. Then Thimble, It was again fantastic, With FSA Business Card Remix it became Fantabulous! We showed Lots of Live Demo, Remix . I showed some of my makes. After answering lots of awesome questions from audience. I gave list of sites to start with. My part is finished.



Atlast we had a End Note from another volunteer, DeviPriya. WE said TAta to Audience. People started interacting with us. They asked lots of questions after we finished. Some of them wanted to join us too. Soon We will become a HUGE Community.


If you wanna Know How we did this Please see my Previous_post. What We Did To Throw A MakersParty.

A Special audience to All Volunteers, Dr. Amudhan(Professor , Advisor of Peczilla) and Mr. Vignesh. Without Them this event would have became Zero.

Salute to Mozilla and all awesome People ๐Ÿ™‚

#mozilla #webmaker



  1. I was also a part of that session.
    And as an engineering student I have gained much knowledge about the open software and the best features of Mozilla
    I support Mozilla

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