Makers Party Pondicherry Arrangements

What We did to throw a MakersParty

It was a dream for me to conduct a Event on Mozilla Products in my college “Pondicherry Engineering College”. Because of some blurs that i had made it happened to be just a dream. After three months of inauguration, With constant efforts from Volunteers. We finally got a chance to prove ourselves. Yup!, We got permission from college to conduct a Event comprising of 50 People. I registered this event under MakersParty since it was Correct time and it would be good to start with easy stuff. After registration We started to share this event in community pages, Groups and in classes too. We didn’t get proper response from students 😦  . The day before, all volunteers met and did necessary things in order to make it successful. DSC01066 The Day Came July 16 2014 🙂 After lunch we started arranging things. The hall is pretty good. It got all facilities. We started Arranging Things. Problem occured with Internet Connection. Since it was prominent  for Webmaker Demo. Somehow we managed and got Online 🙂 . We started posting Posters. Made presentation for the session. Two of my friends took their part as lensman. They took care of all things. All photos that i uploaded here , were Because of them. I should thank all my friends and they are the volunteers. Without Them it was not at all possible. A salute to you, Volunteers. Special thanks to Dr. AmuDhan and Mr. Vignesh, Who helped us a lot and gave full support. IMG_4031 IMG_4032 IMG_4033   Volunteers:

  •  Naveen Prasanth (nnpths01)
  • sarathkumar (crakensio)
  • Gilber
  • RagulRaj
  • Hariprasad
  • DineshKumar
  • JohnKuloth
  • Subramanivelan
  • Vinesh
  • PraveenKumar
  • Ajaikumar
  • SrujanaAkula
  • DeviPriya

Sorry if i forgot some of u guys. Please notify me. 🙂 Be Inspired… Inspire Others  


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