Introduction to Mozilla Localization L10n

People Started looking At Mozilla Products at Villupuram. Because of constant efforts by Volunteers. This Week(july 2nd Week)  session is about Mozilla Localization. With introduction to translation I started my session. People are aware of something. That they have seen some software in Our vernacular Language(Tamil).  Tamil L10n Team is one of the Active Localization team in India. They are happy to see a whole software(Firefox Browser) in Tamil. How localization is Better. What are the things that were listed in Localization. How it could empower the Worldwide Web as well as usability, I just gave a brief introduction.

We should notice that How Tamil L10n Team is making it real. They are Doing this as a volunteer because they love Mozilla and Tamil. I am not sure how many loved it. But i am sure they will try Mozilla Tamil version. If they love it soon they will start tweaking and contributing to it. Thats it. I will be soon Attaching Pics 🙂

I shared the presentation in Slide share

Get it here. 🙂

Doing good is part of our code.



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