Lets Contribute to Mozilla[Part 2]

Mozilla ❤ you are doing great things.


Wow. Again i got a chance to share knowledge. This time As a Firefox Student Ambassador FSA in Villupuram. This week i took sessions on Webmaker and
Mozilla One and Done.


Students from Technical institutions as well as Non-Technical Institutions assembled there. There were guys from Literary institutions too.Some students attended My Previous Session. So they were eager to know more about Mozilla. Somewhere new Again I explained about Mozilla and Mozilla’s Mission.


Then Moving on to Webmaker. I explained in detail about Mozilla’s Webmaker Project. Then What is the need for it. Since some of them are from technical institutions, so they have some idea about it. Others were eagerly listening. After Introduction to Webmaker, I explained Some of the Topic that were listed in the Web Literary Map. Thanks ❤ to all contributors. It helped me a lot and the audience too. Privacy, Security and Remixing. Then Webmaker tools First X-Ray Goggles which helps us to see code behind any element in any web page. 😦 With X-ray Goggle we can see how the web page was built. Even we can use inspect element option listed in Firefox. But X-Ray Goggle is Different. It gives us a Awesome UI which makes it interactive. Kids are loving it. After changing the Logo of World’s Popular Search Engine everyone started Loving it. Then They did some cool stuffs with X-Ray Goggle.

Thimble Allows us to simply create and share web pages. This is awesome. I did. I love doing things on it. Especially that HTML Business card. I showed the Same Demonstration. But even then they Loved X ray Goggles a lot 😛


PopCorn Maker. This sounds Cool. I don’t have to mention about it. Popcorn Maker is huge star. I was a huge fan of it. People loved it. Then Mozilla Webmaker Over.

I shared about Maker party which is going on All Over The World.

Mozilla One and Done – Quality Assurance. I gave introduction about it in the last session. Again I got a chance. So i gave a Demo on doing a TASK in Mozilla One and Done. So for Beginners whom wanna Contribute Mozilla One and Done is a Boon. I gave a Demo.


Then Interaction Time. We discussed about Mozilla and Webmaker.  I don’t have any thing to share with them, Except my Knowledge. 🙂

Doing Good is part of our Code.

Be inspired… Inspire others…..


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