PECZILLA FIRST EVENT Hurray! We did. We conducted our first Event with 70+ Students from my college. Especially from Computer Science department and Electronics & Communication Department. We got almost equal number of students, So there is no Gender Gap 😀 . It is awesome to evangelize about Mozilla especially with new people who were... Continue Reading →

Makers Party Pondicherry Arrangements

What We did to throw a MakersPartyIt was a dream for me to conduct a Event on Mozilla Products in my college "Pondicherry Engineering College". Because of some blurs that i had made it happened to be just a dream. After three months of inauguration, With constant efforts from Volunteers. We finally got a chance... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Mozilla Localization L10n

People Started looking At Mozilla Products at Villupuram. Because of constant efforts by Volunteers. This Week(july 2nd Week)  session is about Mozilla Localization. With introduction to translation I started my session. People are aware of something. That they have seen some software in Our vernacular Language(Tamil).  Tamil L10n Team is one of the Active Localization... Continue Reading →

Lets Contribute to Mozilla[Part 2]

Mozilla ❤ you are doing great things. Wow. Again i got a chance to share knowledge. This time As a Firefox Student Ambassador FSA in Villupuram. This week i took sessions on Webmaker and Mozilla One and Done.  Students from Technical institutions as well as Non-Technical Institutions assembled there. There were guys from Literary institutions too.Some... Continue Reading →

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