Mozilla Bug Reporting Session[Mozilla QA]

June 29 Is one of the Best days in my life. As you know from the title., I took Two Sessions on Bug Reporting for Mozilla. I am gonna Share About that experience.

This is going to be my technical First talk.the Day before, I Was preparing lot. I prepared content to be delivered. I used Few Sites, especially Mozilla’s Site for Bug reporting[Mozilla Bug Repoting Guidelines]. It took me more than half a day. After this, I have to practice. During my School days, My tutor told me to improve my Speaking skills. He gave me some Ideas like Practice in front of mirror, Record your talk –> listen to it, Rectify the errors(bugs 😉 ) encountered like that. I’m not a Kid anymore. So i got this idea why shouldn’t i record my video using Cam and view it later. That’s Awesome right!. I started Recording my Talk. Played it. It was some what horrible. I missed out some content, Randomly delivering some nonsense. Again i made an order which follows as What is a Bug, Mozilla, Mozilla’s Mission. This time it was OK. I practiced the same for hours. At last after 7.00 PM i got Some satisfaction. went to sleep.

The day, woke up @ 6.00 AM . Got things ready. Voyage to Villupuram. I reached FSFTN-VPM(Free Software Foundation TamilNadu -Villupuram) meet up Location. Lots of new people from various colleges across different year of study have been there eagerly waiting to learn. After Introduction talk by FSFTN member. I got the Dias. i started my talk with a question “How many of you use Mozilla Firefox? ” Majority said we use Mozilla. Then another Question “How many of you know Mozilla is an Open source Project? “ . I started delivering the content i prepared. It was awesome to see lots of people listening to me. It gave me lots of enthusiasm to move further. I delivered all the contents. I introduced them two important site namely and Mozilla One and Done. This is Where they would start contributing to Mozilla. I gave introduction to Mozilla’s Persona and Mozilla’s other project like Mozilla Thunderbird, Firefox OS. After this people started asking questions. I was able to answer their question and it strengthened me a lot. After the meet up, I got some feedback.

After Lunch, Again Another talk. A fast Trip from Villupuram To Puducherry. This time Different Place and Different Audience.More than 30 People have assembled here for the Puduvai GluG [Puduvai Gnu/Linux Users Group] weekly meet up at Ocean Academy . Since i have been a volunteer, I got a chance to teach new people. I started with same question. This time i was not able to deliver well. Travelling made me tired. But I Delivered the Best Outcome which i can possibly give. I Showed them Demo on Reporting Bug and on Mozilla’s Products. I ended up my session

I was not able to get clear images. Sorry Guys 😦



Thanks to FSFTN members for Believing and Giving me this opportunity. Thanks to Mozilla 🙂 .

Doing good is part of our Code 😉


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