My Days @ IITM

Hello Buddies,


Wanna hear my experience at Summer camp? go ahead!

When coordinator of Puduvai Gnu/Linux Users Group told about summer workshop at IIT-Madras i started dreaming of it. One week before Puduvai GLUG Announced the team of Volunteers whom were going to attend the Summer camp . I was excited because i was in the team :). After planning lots of stuffs What i need there in 5 days, How to go, some blah blah I finally made things ready on 14 June Saturday. It was 3.30 in the morning i woke up, made things ready for the trip. I joined with Other Volunteers from Puduvai GLUG. Journey began. We reached Chennai at 8.30 and had our breakfast. we Entered into one of the Prestigious institutes of India ” Indian Institute of Technology – Madras”. I thought there will be a kind of delay but When i entered, the hall was full with students from various colleges , Volunteers from Chennai , Oh! i forgot Speakers 🙂 .


First day June 15 2014

First session “Introduction to Gnu/Linux and Free software. The content was  delivered by Sibi Kanagaraj is still in my mind. The four Commandments of Free Software. Difference between Free-software and Proprietary softwares. Alternatives to Free software. This was the Second time, i listened to his speech and i am sure, he is Awesome. Then i was Assigned to lead a team of Six students like other volunteers. My team consists of students from Second , Pre-final and Final year. I need to mention this Food distributed at IIT-M mess is supre! . i had to mention about lemon juice 😛 . After lunch we had session on Installing Gnu/Linux in Virtual Box. Then we had Shell scripting. Since i am familiar with that i helped my team and other teams. Then my team mates interacted with me more and more especially girls whom were just listening before. Then i realized i was taking care of six students, i am helping them. After that session team mates got my number we became close .It made me strong and helped me a lot to understand myself, the first day gone.

Hurray!!! My Team tag is  ” WATER FOX”

Second day June 16 2014

With lots of excitement and energy from Day 1, I stepped into day 2. It was about Ruby. I did some homework. It helped me a lot to help my team. Vysakh did a great job. Everyone understood what he delivered in the stage. Then Version Control System,  Demonstrations on Git and we had Tea breaks too.

Third day June 17 2014

Third day is about Ruby on Rails (ROR) . Again Vysakh 🙂 . It was bit tough to follow my team since i got into some other work. But they continued their work. In the morning there was problems due to Live boot.  It made things to slow down. After that everyone is on the track. Creating a Blog in 30 seconds using rails attracted everyone attention. Then Each team was assigned a task to make website and deploy it using Rails and we got Patent Trolls as our topic.

Fourth day June 18 2014

Blender, I am thousand times sure this session reached everyone. He got everyone attention. The way he gave demonstration is pretty good. Then cloud Computing session delivered by Yogesh. I don’t need to mention about him and his session. you know what i mean. it was fantabulous. I am proud that i was one of his fans 😛

Fifth day June 19 2014

Introduction to Android By Khaleel Jageer. He gave a brief introduction about android. Since everyone loves and Owns a Android smart phone. They are eager to learn about it. He just showed how to create a basic app for android. After that surprising talk by Srravya about  “Gender Gap”.  The way she spoke and interact with students is Marvelous . She got everyone attention in the hall and mine too 😛 . Her talk will surely make a difference. After lunch each team presented their web page in the stage. They took photos with their coordinator. My team did a great job in the task and they delivered it smoothly. It was time for farewell. Everyone exchanged their phone numbers and other ways to communicate with their team mates and coordinator. I said Good bye to my Friends 😦 .

I should Thank members of FSFTN for giving me a chance like this. This five days were one of the best days in my life. I found my niche. I enjoyed this five days to the core. Got new friends from various colleges. Volunteers were awesome and I was one of them 😉 .  They helped me a lot. Some of them gave me chocolates, ice-cream.  i would like to personally thank all members of FSFTN.


Note: This was the first post about me. So there will be mistakes, feel free to mention it in the comment. It will help me lot. Soon i will update What changes i got.



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